The Brand

Fasthouse is a pure Californian brand, born on the heights of Los Angeles, with Glen Helen as its symbol, it is tinged with vintage, but above all with love and passion for motorcycles.
The brand was born and grew up with legends such as Steeve McQueen, and today it is growing through all those who love motorcycles, love the smell of gasoline, and have a good time with friends.
Fasthouse is a way of life, it is not restricted to any particular category of vehicle, any particular displacement.

The company is the European site of the brand, belonging to the company SDG Distribution: Importer of the brand in Europe.
It is with modern logistics and the use of the shortest means of transport that we ensure a high quality service.

The team

Based in Hossegor, in "French California", SDG Distribution is a company of extreme sports enthusiasts and above all motorcycle enthusiast
Your order will be processed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

Fasthouse France / SDG Distribution

114 Rue des vanniers
40150 Soorts-Hossegor
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